Sunday, April 15, 2012

Virginia Families Oppose Deinstitutionalization

I don't understand this . . . but then again I am not a parent of a child who has been in an institution for years. But I have seen how individuals can thrive in community-based programs in New York State. Hope others will share their thoughts on this from either side. 

RICHMOND, Va. -- A years-long plan that would shift Virginia's developmentally and intellectually disabled population from institutions to community settings is creating a furious reaction from some families who say the agreement will threaten the safety of their profoundly disabled loved ones.
Pushed by a federal-state consent decree and a four-year Justice Department investigation of state training facilities for the disabled, the proposal is awaiting final approval from a federal judge and would set in motion one of the most profound shifts in decades of the state's institutionalized, disabled population.

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