Thursday, April 12, 2012

Crusader Against 'Dental Crisis'

Dr. Gregory Folse making his
rounds at a nursing home.
LAFAYETTE, La. -- Not many people are overjoyed when they see a dentist walk in to check them out. But that's exactly what happens when Dr. Gregory Folse walks into a room.
Renella Jackson, 59, is a resident of the Courtyard Manor Nursing home in Lafayette. She lit up and could not seem to stop laughing when she saw Folse for her appointment to get fitted for a new bridge.
On Monday, Folse paid a visit to her and other residents of the home as part of his routine practice providing much-needed dental services to the elderly and homebound. Much of his time is spent traveling from one nursing home to another, taking care of some of the most forgotten patients who have some of the worst dental problems.

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