Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Mom's Autism Story: Her Son Is No Different

KFVS-TV in Missouri has a wonderful segment with viewers sharing their story about autism.

Owen Neuhaus
DEXTER, Mo. --  With April being World Autism Awareness Month we asked viewers to share their stories of friends or loved ones with autism.
Here is the story of Lauren Neuhaus from Dexter:
My son was diagnosed with autism in February of this year. I have known something was "special" about Owen for quite sometime. He was above kids his own age in certain subject, but when it came to learning Owen wanted no part in it. Owen can do things most 5 (will be 6 this month) year olds can't. He can do a 100 piece puzzle, take apart toy cars and put them back together, recite any movie/cartoon back to you word for word, and he is a little OCD. Owen is different from 5 year old kids because he doesn't know his alphabet, or how to count past ten. Don't get him wrong, he can write his name, dress himself, play with certain children and is a normal child for the most part. I never call Owen different; I call him "special." Autistic children are neat, and if you observe them well it is amazing how different his mind works.

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