Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Improv Comedy and Better Parenting

Written by Katie Anderson for LaughSpin.com

Seriously, I can't bitch. I've gotten everything I asked for. As a kid, I had only one prayer: "Jesus Christ (for, that was my God) please make my life not so boring."
Action was what I expected out of suburban Ohio and I got it. In Ohio, yes even in Ohio, freaks abide, my friends, freaks do abide. In the early '90s I spent most of my free time in bars and comedy clubs performing improv. I worked with MC2, the home team of the more famous and yet still mostly unknown comedy troupe of Midwest Comedy, Tool and Die (ask Drew Carey, he knew them). Those days revolved around comp tickets to shows, radio spots and hosting karaoke in exchange for free beer. Back then I shuddered at the thought of getting saddled with anything normative like marriage or "safe" neighborhoods or driving a fully functioning car. I had intended to have the type of life that involved lots of last-minute dinner reservations and waxing appointments.

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