Sunday, January 6, 2013

Returning to Yesterday

A post by Age of Autism contributor Cathy Jameson

While people are divulging their resolutions this week, I hear the making of solemn promises – to do better for themselves, to do better for others or to do better for the world.  I make all kinds of promises throughout the year that I work toward, but I am not a typical New Year’s resolution maker.  I consider myself more of a constant work in progress, so I applaud those of you who have a habit of making (and keeping) resolutions year after year. 
As I listen to the goals my friends have made with these resolutions, I can’t help but think about simpler times.  Many of the resolutions have folks returning to activities or events that they had enjoyed from the past—to be the weight they were 20 years ago, to finish a project they started before kids arrived on the scene, to get back to playing a sport they loved, or to find time to enjoy a skill or craft they had perfected before joining the rat race.  For many, finding that former weight, that oneness of self or being able to carve out a bit of time where the rest of the world doesn’t matter for a moment is important.  Whodoesn’t love the chance to feel like they are in charge of their life again whilegaining some positive results in return? 

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