Sunday, January 20, 2013

'He Knows He Has This Disability, but It Doesn't Stop Him In Any Way'

PHILLIPSBURGH, Pa. -- A "Rudy moment."
Jan Pierre "J.P." Canlapan
That's how Phillipsburg High School swimming coach Tracy Herdline described the scene at a meet during the 2009-10 season.
The race was the 50-yard freestyle. The swimmer was Jan Pierre "J.P." Canlapan.
J.P., a freshman at the time, entered the event after one of his teammates graciously gave up his spot in the race. J.P. jumped in and finished, without stopping, in 52 seconds.
"He's so far back because he's swimming it in 52 seconds and everyone else is doing it in 24 seconds, but he finished," Herdline said. "Everyone stood up and everyone applauded. [Coach] Tracy [Ruane] and I were bawling. The parents are in tears. It was just very touching."

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