Tuesday, May 31, 2011

'She Radiated Light'

Such a tragic story. Our hearts go out to the Vlassenko family.

ARVADA, Colo. -- Serguei and Liliya Vlassenko moved across the ocean for the love of their child five years ago. From a comfortable life in Bryansk, Russia, about 235 miles from Moscow, to America, so their daughter Kristina, who had autism and was nonverbal, could have a better life.
"Our daughter was a wonderful child. We loved her very much," Serguei Vlassenko said in Russian. "The main reason why I moved here is to help Kristina get better. Unfortunately, in Russia we couldn't be helped, even though we asked a lot of institutions, even went to Moscow we went to many doctors. But they couldn't help. When we had a chance to move to America, we took advantage of the opportunity."
They say 10-year-old Kristina was happy here. In Russia, she could only stay at home. In Arvada, she went to school, had lots of professional help her parents say.
"Here we get everything we need so that the child can have a normal life and grow," Serguei Vlassenko said.

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