Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Potato Cart Cooking Up Careers

This is a story I came across this morning. Consider it one for my mother, who is experiencing some health issues at age 88. Hope you will send her good vibes. By the way, she loves potatoes!

WARWICK, R.I. -- The Trudeau Center recently cooked up an interesting way to generate jobs for clients and create revenue for their facility. With the help of an old-fashioned potato cart, they are serving up baked potatoes topped with all the fixings.
"My favorite part is taking orders and talking with the customers," said Agnes Desjarlais, 55. "I really like working the cart."
Agnes also is the "chef" of their homemade chili, used for one of their specialty potatoes, the "Federal Hill-E-Chili." This makes her proud.
"My parents used to own Flo's, a wiener place, and I've known how to make chili for a very long time," Desjarlais said. "My mother was always cooking at home. Cooking is in my blood."
Gayle Reid, the program coordinator for the Worksite Partners Program that finds employment for people with special needs, said it's required that the cart employ people with developmental disabilities. They named the business the Providence Potato Company.
"It [the cart] never runs without two people with disabilities," said Reid. "They want to work there."

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