Wednesday, December 29, 2010

'I Don't Feel Challenged'

HEBRON, Ind. - A mild form of autism affects Giovanni Phan's comprehensive abilities.
But the developmental disorder doesn't affect the Hebron freshman's ability to wrestle, run, get good grades, and simply be a 'regular' kid.
"I don't feel challenged," Phan said.
Nor did he feel challenged when Hawks coach Todd Adamczyk asked him over the summer to give wrestling a try.
"Coach convinced me to do it," Phan said. "He said we didn't have a 103 on the team and they needed me."
Though he has never wrestled before, weighs 93 pounds and doesn't process moves and techniques as quickly as his teammates, Phan has won four matches. With eight forfeits, he sports a record of 12-10.

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