Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Life Milestones and Autism

From Technorati's Jeremy Robb, who has a child on the autism spectrum and has been a staunch advocate for research and therapy for children with autism, and finding the tools that will make parents more effective in raising their children.

Autism has an impact in many different parts of a family's life. Families will battle with the condition in order to teach basic self-care skills such as hygiene, dressing one's self, cooking (or at least getting cereal), and so on to be sure their children will have those skills that are necessary to take care of themselves. During these long sessions, other children are reaching milestones such as riding a bike, walking to school with friends, participating in important religious and social events, etc.
Of course parents are concerned that their children are missing out on these important childhood milestones, and look for ways to have their children enjoy as much as their peers. But some milestones require a level of understanding that is demonstrable that may not be possible for a child on the Spectrum. This becomes a problem.

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