Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Parents Hail New Jersey's Autism Coverage Law

New Jersey residents who have children with autism and who must pay a significant amount of money for the cost of therapy will remember Aug. 13, 2009, for a long time.
"Aug. 13 was an emotional and victorious day for families that have children with autism," said Sharon Dey of Jackson, who is the parent of an autistic child. "If this law helps one child, the long road was worth it. But we all know it will help thousands more. The rate of autism in New Jersey is now 1 in 94 children."
Dey, who is the vice president of the Jackson Board of Education, said the new state law should benefit many families in the area.
She said coverage for Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) therapy is, in her opinion, the key element of the law.

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