Monday, August 24, 2009

Eagle Scout With Autism Forges Forward

ALLEGAN, MIch. -- Jeremy Combs has autism but he hasn't let that prevent him from earning the rank of Eagle Scout.
The rigorous requirements to become an Eagle Scout include tough tests, and the majority of scouts do not make the grade.
"It's the hugest thing he's done in his life so far," said his mother, Marie Combs, a substitute teacher in Otsego, Allegan and Hopkins.
His autism symptoms include anger outbursts, problems socializing and loud speaking. Not only do these prove to be challenges in everyday life, they also added an extra degree of difficulty as Jeremy made the 10-year trek to Eagle Scout.
"Sometimes I get upset, and sometimes I get real mad," he said. "I try to control it, but it gets pretty hard."
Jeremy realizes there is something different about him. He spends a lot of time by himself. He has never been invited to a birthday party. He understands he doesn't quite fit in, according to his mother, but he forges ahead.

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