Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Op-Ed: A Good Business Strategy

A wonderful oped from Crain's New York Business from a great parent and business partner. We need more folks like Ellen Zimiles.
As the parent of a son on the autism spectrum, I think it's time more employers realized the vital role that our nation's special-needs population can play in the workforce. When I was in a position to make hiring decisions for my own firm, now part of Navigant, I decided to "walk the walk" and set a good example for other employers to follow by offering career opportunities to persons with developmental disabilities.
While this clearly is a deeply personal matter for me, I also strongly believe it is the right decision from a business perspective. It has proved to be a powerful way to build a culture of respect for all employees. I find that employees value a company that is accepting of people's differences and able to understand where employees' skill sets best fit within the business' needs.

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