Friday, December 4, 2015

Mourning Loss of Regional Center DSP

Columnist really hit home.
I was working from my home computer on Wednesday when I received a text at 11:59 am from a good friend who is parent disability activist and close to many people who work in the Regional Center system. The words were chilling: "Active shooter at Inland Regional Center. At least 12 dead." I gasped, and turned on the news. Why would the next crazy shooter target one of California's 21 Regional Centers for the developmentally disabled? Did they know that Regional Centers help children and adults with developmental disabilities such as autism, epilepsy, cerebral palsy and intellectual disabilities? Was this a case of a disguntled former employee?As the horrible details of the mass shooting in San Bernandino emerged, we learned that the killers were aiming their AK-47s at the staff of the San Bernandino County Department of Public Health, who had rented out a conference room at the Inland Regional Center for a holiday party, and furthermore, there was no connection between the attackers and the regional center.

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