Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Opiniion: NJ Must Re-Evaluate Developmental Center Transfers

Bob Gordon, D-Fair Lawn, represents the 38th District in the state Senate; Peter Barnes III, D-Middlesex, represents the 18th District in the state Senate.

Almost three decades ago the Krautman family of Fair Lawn struggled to find a local community living facility for their daughter Stacie, who has a severe form of Down syndrome. They could not find a New Jersey facility to meet their daughter’s unique needs but, thankfully, they found one in neighboring New York that did.
But after 27 years of living in New York, Stacie and hundreds of others living in out-of-state facilities are being uprooted by the Christie administration and forced to move back to New Jersey. Why? Because the state qualifies for additional federal funding if Stacie and others live here.

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