Wednesday, August 13, 2014

He Wouldn't Take No for an Answer

Having just completed a four-day training for CQL's Personal Outcome Measures (POMs), this story is definitely resonating the philosophy of wanting more in life. Why should anyone have to settle for being a bagger for six years, if he or she wants to do something else?
NEW YORK — When Matt Cottle asked his boss to let him work in the supermarket's bakery, she told him he'd never do anything more than collect grocery carts.
After six years of bagging groceries and pushing carts, Cottle wanted more. He had already learned how to do some baking.Cottle is autistic. And today he's an entrepreneur, the owner of Stuttering King Bakery, turning out batches of cookies, brownies and scones for cafes and businesses and groups that need catering.

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