Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Controversy Over Use of Shocks to Modify Behavior at Mass. Center

Just a horrifying story, but curious if others have the same reaction. Be sure to watch the video. Would also like to see more evidence in the use of this practice. When I posted the story with my horror on my personal facebook page last night, a friend who has a son with autism, said she understands that, but she also saw the side where if a child is violent, what are families to do?
Jennifer Msumba is on the autism spectrum. For seven years, she was treated at the Judge Rotenberg Center in Canton, Massachusetts, where she received painful electric shocks aimed at modifying her behavior. She describes being strapped, spread-eagle to a restraint board and shocked multiple times before she left the center in 2009."It's so scary. I would ask God to make my heart stop because I didn't want to live when that was happening to me. I just wanted to die and make it stop," she told CBS News correspondent Anna Werner in an interview at her mother's home outside Boston. "I thought, they won't be able to hurt me anymore."

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