Friday, February 8, 2013

When Bill Met Shelley: No Disability Could Keep Them Apart

Bill Ott and Shelley Belgard.
From the cold and snowy northeast, a story sure to warm your heart.

Bill Ott will always remember the moment he met Shelley Belgard. It was in spring 1988. He was 12 and sometimes shy. Into music, sports and, suddenly, girls.
Shelley was three years older, chatty and outgoing. They’d both shown up at a Montgomery County social club looking for friends, fun and the kind of acceptance that seems so elusive during teen life.
Shelley smiled. Bill introduced himself. And that was it. “I didn’t know what love was,” he says. “Until I met her.”
He was sure it was the real thing, but nobody ever believes that coming from a 12-year-old.
Certainly not one with Down syndrome.

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