Friday, February 1, 2013

Opinion: Finding Guardians for Vulnerable Citizens in New Jersey

New Jersey Supreme Court
Chief Justice Stuart Rabner.
From, a guest post by Stuart Rabner, chief justice of the New Jersey Supreme Court. 

 From a young age, we are taught how important it is not just to look out for ourselves, but also to help others in need. A new initiative the state judiciary has announced recognizes that concern in a very practical way. It empowers judges to appoint guardians for people who cannot manage their own affairs because of mental illness, disability or other reasons.
Family members, friends, lawyers and others who are willing to commit time and attention to help the elderly and disabled can be appointed as guardians. They make decisions about personal and medical care, meals, transportation and even where a person lives. And they take control of an incapacitated person’s assets. Guardians manage budgets, pay debts and make all financial and investment decisions for the people they assist.

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