Sunday, July 10, 2011

With Each Step, Dancers Dispel Myths

BALTIMORE, Md. -- Five way-cool dudes, fedoras lowered to their eyebrows, shuffle in sync onto the dance floor as the theme from "Mission: Impossible" blares. After several impressive leaps and splits, they step dance and clap with military precision, then file into a straight line. Marching in place, they form the letters B-A-S-A-C with their arms and finish their dance with a thunderous cheer.
"Diagnosis: Dance Abilities!" the quintet yells in unison.
These guys, all participants in The League for People with Disabilities Career Services program, have often heard much different assessments of their abilities. But as dancers with B'More Abilities Special Arts Center — the B-A-S-A-C — in their finale, they have concentrated on what they can do.

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