Sunday, July 24, 2011

19 and Nowhere to Go

From Canada, though this story crosses all borders. Simply so difficult for young adults to take that next step into the adult world.

NORTH VANCOUVER, BC -- "My son isn't able to talk, but I know how to speak up for my son because he gave me the voice to do that."
North Vancouver resident Cheryl Baker's son Calvin Jr. has cerebral palsy and a complex seizure condition. When he was eight years old he had 33 seizures in one day. When he was 16 he underwent brain surgery to help alleviate his seizure condition. He is unable to talk, he cannot walk and he has minimal functionality on the right side of his body.
He is 22 years old. He receives $233 a month from Community Living British Columbia, a provincial agency responsible to the Ministry of Social Housing and Development.
"My son is a fighter. He is a very strong person and I really admire his strength in all of the obstacles he has faced. What I've had to go through is nothing in comparison," Baker says.

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