Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Celebrating Accessibility

ST. GEORGE - Jody Cassida and her caretakers weren't just commemorating the 21st anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act on Tuesday. They were celebrating the cherished memories they now have because of it.

"We can't even say what a difference it makes being able to take her to a movie or shopping with us," said Deborah Clark, who along with her husband, Larry, adopted Cassida from a special needs foster care program more than 32 years ago. "She just loves to go with us."

With Cassida confined to a wheelchair and suffering from mental disabilities, Clark said she and her adopted daughter have seen firsthand the impact the law has made over the past two decades. Thanks to the ADA, businesses and municipalities are required to offer handicap parking spots, wheelchair ramps, curb cuts and a variety of other additions designed to make establishments accessible to all.

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