Thursday, July 7, 2011

Ore. Legislation Supports Adults with Disabilities

An opinion piece from Mary Lee Fay, the administrator of the Oregon Office of Developmental Disability Services.

SALEM, Ore. -- The 2011 Legislature just passed House Bill 2600. This legislation puts into law the organizational framework to support adults with developmental disabilities. It helps to assure that people with developmental disabilities living in their own homes or on their own in the community will have the supports in place to live fulfilling and meaningful lives. It makes sure that services are centered on the individual, that they are flexible, community inclusive and supportive of the development of each individual's unique gifts, talents and abilities.

The Legislature's action is applauded by the developmental disabilities community throughout Oregon. It is fitting that this bill passed days before the end of a 10-year legal settlement in Oregon known as the Staley Settlement Agreement.

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