Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Prom Where Actions Speak Louder Than Words

MIAMI GARDENS, Fla. -- The music went silent and students crowded the stage for the big announcement.
Prom King and Queen of the Spring Social, an annual prom for students with autism, were about to be named.
``These two have been dancing from the moment we got here,'' said Natalie Sanz, a teacher for students with autism at North Miami Beach High School.
Students jostled around the stage in a St. Thomas University ballroom, growing impatient and pointing to themselves.
``Me! Me! I want to be king,'' they yelled.
Finally, Sanz called out the names of this year's prom court: Justin Marrero, 15, a student at American High; and Brittany Oliver, 17, a student at North Miami Beach High.
They grinned and were led to the stage, where a plastic-and-rhinestone crown was placed on the queen's head. The king was crowned with a red velvet hat.
Neither said a word. But standing on stage with their crowns on their heads, Justin and Brittany didn't need to say anything to show how they felt. They smiled big for flashing cameras and jumped off the stage.

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