Thursday, May 20, 2010

Censured Doctor Confident He Will Resume Autism Research In Austin

AUSTIN, Tex. -- Andrew Wakefield, the British doctor who came to Austin after fueling a worldwide scare over vaccines and autism, said Wednesday that he expects to have his British medical license yanked next week in a final effort by the mainstream medical establishment to silence him and stop his research.
It won't work, said Wakefield, who insisted he is more convinced than ever that he was right 12 years ago when he suggested a link between vaccines, gastrointestinal illness and autism, despite scientific studies contradicting such a link. He said he will get back to his research in Austin soon, working with Dr. Arthur Krigsman, who was with him at the Thoughtful House Center for Children, where Wakefield was executive director before resigning in February.
In January, the General Medical Council, which regulates doctors in the United Kingdom, found Wakefield, 53, guilty of acting dishonestly and irresponsibly in researching children with autism in England.

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