Monday, July 21, 2014

Staff Working to Keep Individuals Safe At Special Needs Center Near Gaza

Going to the volatile Middle East. Am certain that a similar story exists on the Gaza side. Hoping for some sort of agreement soon to end the bloodshed.

In Ofakim, a sand-choked, barren community minutes from the Gaza border, residents have just 30 seconds when they hear a red-alert siren to run and find cover. For able-bodied members of this impoverished community, that’s precious little time.But what about those who can’t run?At ALEH Negev, a state-of-the-art rehabilitative village for Israeli citizens with severe disabilities, it’s a serious question. Most of the residents at ALEH Negev, which gleams like a spaceship in the middle of Ofakim’s brown desert, are wheelchair-bound and cannot walk on their own. Many cannot speak, use their limbs or practice motor functions without assistance.

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