Thursday, July 10, 2014

Child, Home and Conscience

Noam Bramson, Mayor of New Rochelle, N.Y., (a suburb of NYC) reveals his troubled conscience following a community meeting where residents voice strong objections to a proposed group home.  
Let me tell you a little about Matthew.  Next fall, Matthew will enter fourth grade.  His favorite food is pizza.  He’s always happy to jump on his trampoline or go for a swim.  He can’t wait to return to Disney World.  And he loves riding horses.
As the school year was wrapping up, Matthew and I, along with his classmates, had lunch together.  Their teacher had made the winning bid on “lunch with the mayor” at a Special Education PTA auction.  I could not have asked for a warmer, friendlier greeting from the kids, although — let’s be honest — the McDonald’s happy meals that I brought with me may have accounted for just a bit of the excitement.

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