Friday, August 23, 2013

Utah Dad of Son with Autism Offers $100 to Identify Writer of Canadian Letter

A post from the blog of the Utah father of a son with autism who is offering a $100 award to anyone who can identify the author of that hideous letter sent to a Canadian family.

My offer has received a lot of attention in the last two days. The Cape Brenton Post has even written an article about it which can be found here:
I feel a responsibility to explain my intent in making this offer:
I believe in seeking the best possible outcome for all parties whenever there is a dispute. As I read the news articles, I could not help but think of how the author of that letter could exit the situation with the best resolution possible. The only solution I could discern would be for her to come forward herself, apologize publicly and profusely, recognize and take responsibility for her mistakes, perform a grand act of kindness (perhaps a new trampoline for Max!) and show tolerance in her future actions. This isn’t going to generate a positive outcome for her, but it would be the least negative and it will create the opportunity for these neighbors to build a better relationship and seek an amicable solution.

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