Thursday, August 29, 2013

Mom's Response to Autism Hate Letter

These words are from Karla Begley, mom to the 13-year-old with autism who was the subject of an anonymous hate-filled letter that made headlines around the world. Max's brother, Jack, 15, is also on the autism spectrum. Karla, 44, has multiple sclerosis and is in a wheelchair so she's by no means a stranger to intolerance, though not like this. A reader from Ontario who knows Karla asked if I wanted to connect with her. I sure did. I asked Karla what response she'd give to that person; this is what she had to say.
Max and his mom Karla Begley.
I will not stoop to an insulting level. What I have to say is about tolerance, acceptance and respect for kids with special needs.
Nobody should ever write a letter that hurtful. 

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