Thursday, June 14, 2012

Parents Realize Son on Spectrum Loves Travel

Morgen Kann Warten — German for Tomorrow Can Wait — is a Kickstarter project about traveling with an autistic child in Europe. Scott and Monika Knight (who live in Berlin) describe their travels all over Europe — Thessaloniki in Greece, Nice and Paris in France, Dublin and Connemara in Ireland, Stockholm and the south of Sweden, Prague in the Czech Republic, to name a few — with their now-11-year-old autistic son, John. As they write:
Severely autistic people aren’t primarily known as globetrotters. They like routines and familiar surroundings. Our son John, eleven years old, severely autistic and non-verbal, is no exception to this. But he also really likes to travel. As soon as we realized that, we were on the road and have traveled a lot throughout Europe since.

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