Monday, June 11, 2012

Autism at the School Carnival

From the Washington Times' Jean Winegardner. 

 SILVER SPRING, Md. -- Last week was my sons' elementary school end-of-the-year carnival. There were moonbounces and kids playing soccer and a DJ and a playground and food and about a million kids and everyone was having a great time.
Except for me. I felt as if I were having a nervous breakdown.
These events are always so stressful for me. As a parent to a child with autism who is, in the parlance of the times, an "eloper," it is excruciating to give him personal freedom but also try to keep my eye on him as he weaves in and out of crowds of people. Add two other children that I have to keep track of as well and it is no wonder that I spend the evening scanning the crowds and counting my children.

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