Friday, March 9, 2012

Why Aren't People More Outraged?

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According to neighbors and former teachers, George Hodgins was a pleasant adult with autism. He was non-verbal and afraid of the neighborhood dogs but enjoyed hikes, going on walks, and listening to music. This past week, however, things took a sad turn for the worst. George's mother shot her only child in his bedroom and turned the gun on herself. Her husband, George's father, found them a few hours later. 
Neighbors recall her saying she was tired and she needed a break. That she was stressed out and depressed, thinking she recently had a nervous breakdown. Elizabeth Hodgins pulled George from a San Jose Autism Center in December, hoping to find something she felt was more appropriate for her son. George had attended the program since he became school-age and could have transitioned to an adult day program there. But Elizabeth wanted more for her son. She was just having trouble finding it.

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