Friday, March 9, 2012

Agency Gives Caregivers a Well-Deserved Break

VolunPEER Drew, from left, assists his
sibling Avery, a client of Desperate
for Respite, with a game at February’s
Caregivers’ Night Out event.
VolunPEER Khamani and client
Mason join in the fun.
HOUSTON -- The staff and volunteers of local nonprofit Desperate for Respite provide clients with a simple yet priceless gift: four hours to just be.
The organization hosts monthly Caregivers’ Night Out events on Saturday nights, providing fun for children and adults with intellectual, physical and developmental disabilities, so caregivers can have a small period of time to themselves.
How comfortable would you feel sharing the road with an 18-wheeler driver that’s been driving for 36 hours straight? Nobody wants to do their job 24/7,” said executive director Tonya Frye. “Some of these kids, especially the more severe ones, need constant attention, and that usually falls on the mom or the grandmother or the sibling.”

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