Friday, February 10, 2012

Love Story Sheds Light on How Society Treats People with Disabilities

Rachel Simon, author of "The Story of Beautiful Girl," was interviewed Thursday evening on the PBS Newshour. Check it out! Confession: I have read the book and felt it was quite powerful. Couldn't help but notice the underlying references to a Willowbrook-like facility.

JEFFREY BROWN: And finally tonight: a love story that sheds light on how society deals with the disabled.
Judy Woodruff has our book conversation.
JUDY WOODRUFF: There are more than 50 million Americans who have some sort of disability, according to the Census Bureau. They range from profound, needing a wheelchair or other assistance with daily activity, to less restrictive, and from physical disabilities to cognitive and emotional.
Rachel Simon has given a lot of thought to their lives, how the rest of society sees them, since her sister is intellectually impaired. She wrote a memoir in 2002 called "Riding the Bus With My Sister." Her most recent book is a novel, "The Story of Beautiful Girl." It's about the lives of two people who meet living in an institution, and it follows them for four decades.

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