Saturday, February 4, 2012

Developmental Disabilities and Family Challenges

Parents of children with disabilities cope better when they are backed up by families. Through this, any additional burden of physical and emotional care decreases. Talking about your troubles with other parents is a big help. In the long-term, caring for a child may become easier as parents learn how to cope and adapt the required skills.
Depending on the severity of the disability, most children with disabilities need regular medical treatment, time in hospital, and therapy. This is as well as the extra care they ought to receive at home. Some even require continual supervision.
The stress of taking care of a disabled child frequently triggers anxiety or depression among the parents.
Besides affecting the parental relationship, these can have a great impact on the family’s finances as well.
Parents of children with disabilities also worry their other children may feel neglected. However, parents who have a positive outlook tend to cope in a healthier way.

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