Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Students With Autism Find Success in Business

BIRMINGHAM, MI -- The enticing aroma of baking biscuits envelopes the room, but workers at a nearby table remain focused on the task at hand: making more biscuits.
There's Alex, who kneads the dough standing up, pushing the light-brown mixture of flour and oil around the bowl. Josh sits, grasping the handles of a rolling pin, transforming a lump into a pancake. And finally, Evan pushes a dog-bone shaped biscuit cutter deep into the dough, pulling out tiny shapes for baking.
The well-tuned trio is part of a student-run business at Seaholm High School designed for students with autism.
Their product is "Puppy Love" biscuits and natural treats for canines in peanut butter and beef flavors.

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