Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Maryland Families Struggle After Cuts

Be sure to watch the video that accompanies this piece.

WASHINGTON, D.C. (CNN) -- While many children her age are learning to print their letters, Karson Brewster is struggling to master a baby's belly crawl.
The curly-haired 4-year-old with wire-rimmed glasses is as small as a toddler, and she cannot speak or sit up by herself. Karson suffers from a rare chromosomal defect called distal 18q-, which can cause intellectual disabilities and developmental delays.
She often suffers complications from the disease, and she visits one of her 22 doctors two to three times a week.
Without the help of family and financial aid from the state of Maryland to cover medical expenses, Karson's mother, Michelle, said her family probably would be homeless.
But now state budget cuts mean most of that funding -- which the Maryland Developmental Disabilities Administration provides -- has dried up. Instead of receiving $2,500 from the DDA, this year the Brewsters will have to make do with $300.

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