Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Aging Parents Fear Future for Their Adult Children with Disabilities

KING FERRY, N.Y. -- Helen and Mike Littlejohn had three biological sons and one on the way when they decided they had it in them to adopt some hard-to-place children.
Isaac Littlejohn is one of 12 children.

Along came two girls with psychological disabilities. Next, a daughter with shaken baby syndrome.
Once their house was outfitted for a wheelchair, they adopted Isaac, an 11-year-old who could not walk or talk but laughed and played.
His two brothers, who had been eating lead paint, needed homes too.
"We said, well, we have to have them all together," Helen Littlejohn said.
Finally, the couple offered homes to two children who had been sexually abused.
That made them parents of 12 children - three with severe developmental disabilities.
"Our hearts were bigger than our logic," she said. "We went ahead and did it and thus started our future."

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