Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Family: School Offers $86,000 to Take Autistic Son Out of California School

Post by Kristina Chew of Care2 make a difference.
Could a public school district be so set on ridding itself of a student with numerous challenges that it offers to pay a family to take him out of school?21-year-old David Swanson is autistic and does not talk; he also has diabetes. His mother, Heather Houston, says that school officials have offered her $86,000 to take him out of the public schools in Yuba City in Northern California, to place him in a private school and to agree to drop her complaints against the school district and not file any in the future. The letter (according to ABC News) is unsigned and also calls for Houston to waive her son’s right to attend public schools.


  1. I don't understand how removing David from public school is helping him in anyway". I also don't understand how the school officials feel offering any person money to "wave their rights" not completely insulting and wrong. this is just my opinion I feel sad that today schools would rather bribe a mother ( more or less) then help David.

    1. Thanks for your comment Daniel. The whole thing is quite unsettling and who knows if we are really getting all sides of the story. No one should have to "wave their rights" when it comes to a child's education.