Monday, April 8, 2013

Voters Consider New Tax To Aid People With Disabilities in Illinois County

From the Chicago Tribune:

Advocates for the disabled in McHenry County, Illinois, 
 are pushing for the passage Tuesday of a ballot initiative that would create a new property tax to help the estimated 5,000 people in the county with Down syndrome, autism and other developmental and intellectual disabilities.

The vote comes after years of cuts in state funding, but also as citizens have grown increasingly vocal about opposing new taxes. The proposal highlights a growing debate over what role local taxes should play in funding services that have traditionally been state and federal responsibilities.
Those who live and work with people with disabilities tell a common tale: As funding has dwindled, the need has increased. People with Down syndrome, for instance, are living longer than they used to. And as more people are diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders, they come out of school needing help with working, socializing and living independently.

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