Monday, April 15, 2013

New Yorkers Fearing Impact of Cuts

SYRACUSE, N.Y. – Stephanie Silverman so wanted to meet Gov. Andrew Cuomo last year as he announced his plans for a Justice Center to protect developmentally disabled people like her.
Stephanie Silverman, right, meets
Gov. Cuomo last year.
“The way we treat people is really the judgment of who we are,” Cuomo said at the time.
Silverman, who is 45 and has Down syndrome, got her wish and shook the govenor’s hand.
“Oh, he wanted to be a good advocate,” said Stephanie’s mother, Harriet Silverman.
A year later, families like the Silvermans are questioning the priorities of Cuomo and other state leaders. The governor and the New York State Legislature just approved a new budget that includes using $420 million to pay for tax breaks for “The Tonight Show” and other films and televisions shows and the purchase of a luxury box at the Buffalo Bills’ stadium.

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