Monday, December 19, 2011

Bond of Friendship Spans 70 Years

SOUTHBURY, Conn. -- The late morning sun was pouring through the window of the TV room at Southbury Training School when Belton "Sunshine" Antrum and Donald Gibson plunked down next to each other on a plush green couch.
It was Thursday, and the pleasant aroma of turkey soup wafting from down the hall was but one clue that lunch was about to be served.
Antrum, 85, and Gibson, 88, don't often eat their noontime meal at home during the week.
The bus comes early to pick up these two men, best friends since they were teenagers.
It whisks them off to Waterbury so they can get in some exercise, take a trip to the mall, go on a picnic or meet up with friends.
Never, however, does one man go without the other.

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