Thursday, October 6, 2011

Opening Doors to Opportunities

From Canada, a great article focusing on how valuable people with disabilities can be in the workplace.

Marcus Purdaby is very clear about how much he enjoys working at the local RCMP detachment.
Over the past year, Purdaby has shown up Tuesday and Thursday mornings to attend to a job list that has grown as office manager Bonnie Nunn has seen he can accomplish them well.
"We're finding all sorts of jobs he can do for us and I don't have to shadow him much any more," says Nunn, of the young man who is employed through Shuswap Association for Community Living's Employment Services program. "He fits in really well and everyone treats him well, and he has a good rapport with the police."
Like many people with developmental disabilities, Purdaby is well able to do many things, including sweeping out the garage area, washing police cars, taking care of recycling and garbage, raking leaves and more.

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