Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Autism-Friendly 'Lion King' Appreciated

When someone leaves in the middle of a Broadway show, it's usually not with smile on their face. But there was Maria Omieh, standing with her children, Joshua, 6, and Shekinah, 5, outside the 1,600-seat Minskoff Theater on Sunday. Ms. Omieh had taken them to a sold-out performance of the musical "The Lion King" that had been modified for children with autism and their families. She decided to leave during intermission, as did a few other families, but with no regrets.
"I felt like it was too much for him," Ms. Omieh said, glancing at Joshua, who has autism. "It was too loud and too big. But I'm happy we stayed as long as we did. It's a great feeling."

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