Friday, April 16, 2010

Florida Bills May Jeopardize Services

AVON PARK, Fla. - The more than 300 Floridians receiving coverage through the Developmental and Disability Home and Community Based Waiver may see funding for their treatment cut if a House and Senate bill is passed during the ongoing legislative session.
People like Jan Feltner, who's had peace of mind knowing her behaviorally disabled 16-year-old daughter Ashley, was receiving the help she needs at Carlton Palms, a center that treats extremely challenging behavioral problems in Mount Dora, are devastated by the news.
The House and Senate Bill (HB 5001 and SB 2700, respectively) would put a $120,000 annual cap for tier one funding instead of putting no limits on the funding, like it is now.
The waiver system categorizes clients in tiers from one to four. Tier one is the most severe level of developmental disability within the waiver program.
According to Carlton Palms attorney Harlow Middleton, $120,000 is not enough to cover the expenses for tier one treatment

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