Thursday, April 22, 2010

Enjoying Life in the Community

SAN DIEGO — People with severe developmental disabilities need around-the-clock care. For decades, state institutions were thought to be the best option. In recent years, though, moving people into residential neighborhoods has emerged as the way to go.
In Chula Vista, one program provides a home-like environment for people who need constant care.
Four adults who have severe developmental disabilities live here. All of them suffer from cerebral palsy. Some also have intellectual disabilities. None of them can walk or talk.
"Most of them have been institutionalized their entire life," Carrol Ames, a nurse at the residence, points out. "So for them to be able to be in the community and have a life like the rest of us would, it's just really, I mean, what's the point in living if you can't enjoy what's around you?"

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