Thursday, February 11, 2010

Temple Grandin Relates Animals to Autism

EURGENE, OR. -- Temple Grandin didn’t speak until she was three years old. When she was diagnosed with autism in 1950, her mother engaged Grandin in activities such as speech therapy and games to stimulate her mind.
Today, Grandin is a leading animal science expert and an icon for individuals with autism. Tuesday night she visited the University to present the lecture “My Experience with Autism and Animals.” During the two-and-a-half hour program, Grandin spoke about a variety of subjects, ranging from her experiences with autism to human slaughter methods, and drew a sizeable crowd.
Grandin is considered a role model because of the challenges she has overcome and how much she has accomplished. Despite her diagnoses, she went on to earn her doctorate in animal sciences and write several books, and is now a professor at Colorado State University.
Grandin’s visit to the University coincided with the release of HBO’s biographical film “Temple Grandin,” which stars Claire Danes as Grandin.
“She’s an incredible actress,” Grandin said. “It’s almost like she became me.”

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