Thursday, February 4, 2010

Even Temple Grandin Impressed With HBO Movie

The most impressive review of HBO's "Temple Grandin," which premieres Saturday, may have come from Temple Grandin herself.
A scientist and best-selling author with autism, the 62-year-old Grandin's a visual thinker - she titled one of her books "Thinking in Pictures" - and the details matter to her.
But so apparently do the emotions.
"It's like going in sort of a weird time machine, and just watching the trailer, I'm getting kind of choked up," Grandin said last month in Pasadena, Calif., when I asked her how difficult it had been to watch Claire Danes playing her younger, not yet so successful self on-screen."I whispered to Claire, I said, 'Can you believe that's really you?' She said it was kind of weird for her, too,' " Grandin said, adding that Danes "played me really, really accurate" as a student and young animal-behaviorist.

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