Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Parents Say High School Is Failing In Special Education

GREENWICH, CT. -- Citing years of frustration without any improvement, parents of special education students took their concerns directly to the Board of Education last week and once again called for a task force to evaluate deficiencies for their kids at the high school.
While parents soundly praised the education their children have received from the elementary and middle schools, they cited continuing problems at Greenwich High School where parents claim there is a drop off in quality services. Parents have called for a task force for years to get at what they feel is systemically wrong with the high school education their children receive.
Parent Lynn Arazini said her son, who has autism, had “regressed dramatically” since entering the high school. A teacher in the school system for more than 20 years, Ms. Arazini said she had seen quality education for her son and other special education students, but that changed at the high school.
“Not every GHS teacher has failed my son, but even the best teachers cannot give him what he needs due to the systemic problems,” Ms. Arazini said, citing lack of consistent staffing, paraprofessional training and community-based life skills programs.

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