Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Technology Can Help Police Find Missing People With Disabilities

SCHAUMBURG, IL. -- Safely recovering a missing person with autism or Alzheimer's today is usually dependent on either good luck or the kindness of strangers.
But new technology is beginning to help police make it a more methodical process.
Employing the same radio-frequency tracking equipment used to study wildlife behavior, a downstate Illinois company is making the finding of lost special-needs people a quicker and easier task.
Schaumburg police will be the next of only a few Chicago-area departments taking advantage of the innovations of Murphysboro-based Care Trak International.
The average time it takes the devices to find a missing person is 30 minutes, Nebl said.
Though the tracking equipment has only a 1-mile range, the people it's intended to track are very rarely farther away than that before their caregivers know they're gone.

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